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The Ancient Future Trilogy

  1. The Ancient Future
  2. Echo in Time
  3. Masters of Reality

Followed by...

The Celestial Triad

  1. Chronicle of Ages
  2. Tablet Of Destinies
  3. The Cosmic Logos

Followed By….

The Triad Of Being 

  1. Being of the Field
  2. The Universe Parallel
  3. The Light Field

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The Time Keepers Trilogy

  1. Dreaming of Zhou Gong
  2. The Eternity Gate
  3. AWOL

Prequel to The Ancient Future 4 Trilogy Series  – Best Read Last.

  • This Present Past

Standalone Series : The Mystique Trilogy

  1. Gene of Isis
  2. The Dragon Queens
  3. The Black Madonna

Standalone Novels – No Order

  • Ghostwriting
  • The Alchemists Key

Recent Releases – No Order

  • The Storytellers Muse
  • The Immortal Bind