The Twelve Chapters of the Infinite Night

‘They will mingle with humans, and drive them into all manner of recklessness and crime, into wars, and theft, and frauds, and all things hostile to the bodies and souls of human beings.’
– Hermes

We’ve been at war with them for our entire existence, yet completely blind to their machinations. Etheric parasites are secretly infecting the world’s population, feeding off the cosmic light of our spirit forms that connect us to higher dimensions. Our ancestors warned us about these dark, manipulative beings, known as Nagas and Archons. An inter-dimensional porthole incident in ancient Ur saw Earth sprinkled with deposits of a black liquid crystal goo, which is Archon consciousness made manifest. This organic AI, incompatible with our carbon-based forms, psychically manipulates leaders and world governments to pursue a trans-human, mechanised agenda. As once man has integrated with technology, the Archons can physically invade our bodies and absorb us completely.
Through the cycles of time, our Inter-dweller has been replaying history, guiding us to make the right choices to free ourselves. And yet we are all still here, playing out our roles of the innocent, the lover, the healer, the warrior, the seeker, the destroyer, the ruler, the sage, the creator, the orphan, the magician, and the fool.

With opposing agendas, we frequent three different eras of Earth’s history, yet we are all experiencing a vital day of entanglement with an ancient sutra. Despite the time and space that separates us, will we finally follow our Inter-dweller’s guidance and uphold the sacred knowledge that will ultimately free us from our hidden oppressors?

One pivotal day,
in twelve different lives,
to secure our eternal salvation
… all we have to do is cooperate.