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On May 23rd US Central Time, I launched my first NFT collection on the Cardano Blockchain with; who are creating a whole new book eco-system for buying, selling, trading and borrowing books. Soon every book buyer will be a collector, a retailer and a library! Yes, one day your library will be an asset that earns revenue for you, as you sell or loan your books, with zero fears of them not being returned, as Web3 has smart contracts that will ensure your book is returned.

It’s all fascinating to me, as up until now the digital copies of music, books and movies you purchase are only on loan to you. You cannot on-sell them once you are done, or loan them to friend as you would with a physical copy. are changing this.

For authors too, smart contracts mean immediate royalties, no waiting three months, or relying on company systems and figures regarding sales. Also authors are cut into the on-selling process, so there are win/wins everywhere!

Once a book is on the blockchain there is no banning it, changing it or pirating it. The Blockchain’s smart contract will recognise a pirated copy and reject it, thus these collectables can appreciate in value due to rarity.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say my publication has been an amazing experience. The community that is surrounding this project are so lovely, welcoming, generous and helpful, that they fit right in with my regular readers, who are among some of the most wonderful and amazing people on the planet!

Very soon will be incorporating Visa, which will make purchasing these e-books much easier for those not yet into Web3.

Thus, I see a very bright future for publishing ahead!

My CNFT collection minted here : If you visit here and find it has sold out, copies can be viewed and purchased from my Jpeg store/marketplace. This is where you can see all the CNFT’s already minted, or pick up a copy of your choice? Check out my Jpeg Store :

The next big release for ‘The Twelve Chapters of the Infinite Night’ will be the Audio Book through Bolinda Audio. So keep your eyes peeled for that one later this year.

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If you would like to get involved – Traci has drawn up a cheat sheet, about using an exchange – making a hot wallet – connecting and buying from and her jpeg store. So contact Traci through any of her social media sites and she’ll send you a copy of the PDF.


  • Phoenixrising478 Posted August 18, 2023 9:19 pm

    Thank you for continuing the Learning Journey ???? please send me your cheat sheet ???? Dragon Sparkles flowing through to you ✨

  • Starman67 Posted May 31, 2023 12:42 am

    Love this. Well stated!

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